Water Awareness for Rescue Professionals DVD and CD Rom

Part of the Professional Rescue Series

Water Awareness is a training programme to address the Fire Service Manual 'Working on, in or near water' Level 1 training requirements and is currently used across Fire & Rescue Services in Scotland, England and Wales.

Introduced by the then CFOA Lead Officer for Water Rescue and Chief Fire Officer, the information contained in this programme is based on best practice guidance initially set out by the Water Working Group and now complies with the requirements within the Flood Rescue Concept of Operations [FRCO] document. The information delivered will meet the minimum requirements of the 'water awareness' standard as outlined in FRCO Annex E – Water Rescue training modules.

A best practice guidance DVD and CD-ROM resource for anyone working near, in or on water - the DVD includes:

  • Understanding water hazards and risk assessment
  • Safe working near water
  • Effects of sudden entry into water
  • Appreciation of the physiology of drowning
  • Awareness of the prioritised approach to safer zone rescue attempts

Accompanying CD-ROM contains an index, training notes, glossary and a question bank.

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