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Training Services

Training Courses
We can devise training to suit your needs and supply and support the suite of “DEFRA” Flood and Water Rescue Training Courses contained in the ‘Flood Rescue Concept of Operations’ [FRCO] document.

The FRCO training levels includes training in both Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Boat Operations and Management of Water and Flood Incidents and are understood to be the national standards for response capability.

Accordingly we supply the following training modules which provide a national framework of water safety, and rescue training for Fire and Rescue Services from which a FRS and all the other contributory SAR stakeholder responder agencies including the Police, MoD/RN/RAF SAR, MCA/HM Coast Guard and third Sector agencies will be able to choose an appropriate level to meet the requirements of their Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) or the risk assessments of craft operations in the Flood and water rescue environment.

  • Module 1 Water Awareness
    General water safety awareness training and basic land based rescue techniques
  • Module 2 Water First Responder
    To work safely near and in water using land based and wading techniques
  • Module 3 Water Rescue Technician
    Specialist rescue operation
  • Module 4 Water Rescue Boat Operator
    Rescue boat operation
  • Module 5 Water Rescue Incident Management
    Water related incident command
  • Module 6 Flood Response Strategic Manager
    For all Senior and Strategic Incident Commanders

We can support these with:

  • RYA Powerboat Courses
  • Sea and Cold Water Survival Courses
  • RYA VHF/SRC Courses
  • Boat Coxswain Courses
  • Boat Crew Operator Courses
  • Rescue Boat Operations Courses
  • Rescue Boat Operations Management Courses
  • Ice And Unstable Ground Training
  • Trauma and First Aid at Work

The FRCO type courses are considered minimum standards and where e.g. there is a need to provide, following analysis, additional areas of training we have the intellectual knowledge to be able to deliver to address the needs of:

  • Pre-planning for water and flood incidents
  • Water rescue scene size-up and safety controls, including DRA and ARA completion at a water rescue related event
  • Incident command at water rescues
  • Rescue Tactics
  • Human Resource management matters, including medical and welfare issues
  • Special considerations i.e. weirs, vehicles in water, use of hydraulic tools, underwater cameras, other methods e.g. sonar devices etc.
  • Future developments
  • Resources for flood events – including Team Typing
  • Boat management techniques
  • Search techniques for water and flood rescue – including use of Sonar equipment
  • Helicopter operations, liaison and safe working procedures
  • Night operations – techniques and considerations
  • The Concept of Operations and the implications for on scene management
  • Incident Management including Search and liaison during incidents e.g. other agencies
  • Incident Management Exercises – including exercise based on actual major flood rescue scenarios

Also where type specific training for particular craft or vessels is required then this can be provided to enhance the basic training to meet the craft operating risk assessments.

We have built a capability that can facilitate contracts being fulfilled and can train additional instructors to meet additional demand should this be the case.

If you wish to create a cadre of in-house instructors to have resilience for the future then we can discuss that option too with you.

Professional Rescue Water Awareness Resource

One of our other resources is the Professional Rescue Water Awareness Resource; you can find Information at our web site giving an overview at:

For further information or a discussion please in the first instance email us at: