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EU FloodEx 2009

Mission-specific boats with a twist

Stemming the flow

Sharing Ideas, Saving Lives

Management of Flood Emergencies – part II

Channel Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Questions?

Flood Response & Survival

Drone Revolution

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1. EU FloodEx 2009 - From the FloodFighters’ Perspective
The FloodFighters’ dream draws closer: better international preparation and planning, with everyone sharing highly trained resources in a pre-planned way for emergency scenarios involving governments and agencies, writes David Lane... click here for more

2. USA/UK/EU Master Class in Rescue Action!
Another all-action Master Class is being held in Charlotte, NC (USA), October 2-9, 2010, where we always receive the warmest of welcomes from Charlotte FD Chief Jon Hannan and Charlotte City Manager Kurt Walton, writes David Lane.... click here for more

3. Mission-specific boats with a twist
he world has long had access to boats built for specific missionssuch as search and rescue. But in 1992, a U.S. company called Rescue ONE Connector Boats introduced not only a mission-specific search and rescue boat, but a boat system that would allow individual boats to be connected together to form larger vessels and/or platforms that expand the capabilities of singular boats to achieve larger scale missions.... click here for more

4. Stemming the flow
Why UK flood response must not suffer cuts and the importance of moving forward with emergency response in order to prevent loss of life; David Lane discusses the lessons learnt from Exercise Triton, cost implications and the ways forward... click here for more

5. Sharing Ideas, Saving Lives!
A large delegation of senior fire and rescue officials from the UK was invited to Charlotte (North Carolina) for a week-long master class in water rescue, writes David Lane. This masterclass is one of a series facilitated over some years with the UK’s Chief Fire Officers Association, working with fire and emergency management professionals from the US, with the aim of developing flood response and major incident management principles... click here for more

6. News - Widespread Global Flooding
NASA scientists identified the return of El Niño, which occurs typically every three to seven years, causing changes in weather patterns worldwide... click here for more

7. Management of Flood Emergencies – part II
The management of major flood emergencies (MMFE) is recognised as a truly multi-disciplinary issue, affecting not only blue light services but all category one and two responders... click here for more

8. Management of flood emergencies – part III
One of the key outcomes from the Management of Major Flood Emergencies (MMFE) project was the need to improve resilience and mutual aid arrangements for truly major incidents... click here for more

9. Confronting the ‘Perfect Storm’
The endeavours of this group of British fire officers are also being documented through a film for public broadcast that will show just what these local emergency responders are doing to protect their communities... click here for more

10. Channel Tunnel Vision
More than 700 firefighters battled in temperatures topping 1000°C to bring a fire in the Channel Tunnel under control in September... click here for more

11. Multi-Agency Rescue After Flash Floods
On August 16, 2004, the Environment Agency issued flood warnings for North Cornwall. Between 1200 and 2300, up to 100mm of rain fell in Boscastle... click here for more

12. The Man Who Can
Emily Hough speaks to Sálvano Briceño, Director of the United Nations’ International Strategy for Disaster Reduction... click here for more

13. Principles of Emergency Management
Eight principles that will be used to guide the development of a doctrine of emergency management. This monograph lists these eight principles and provides a brief description of each... click here for more

14. Tunnel Questions?
All tunnels can become a fire related problem sometime in their long lives – a relatively straightforward assumption? Asks David Lane... click here for more

15. The Business Case for a National Flood Rescue Framework
Following the Government's response to the Pitt review, CFO Paul Hayden details the need to implement a national flood rescue framework... click here for more

16. US / UK Flood Management Symposium
CFO Paul Hayden reports from North Carolina on the first US / UK Flood Symposium held at the end of 2008... click here for more

17. The Way Forward in Water Rescue
The heavy burden being placed on the emergency rescue services soon became clear... click here for more

18. The Management of Major Flood Emergencies
Accepting that there is an increased level of risk from flooding, what then is the emergency services community doing to meet the need... click here for more

19. Flood Response and Survival
Comprehensive report of Floodfighters Conference. Fantastic information from all presenters... click here for more

20. The Drone Revolution
Article about the “drone future” in Emergency Services Times... click here for more

21. The Thermal Impacts of Flood Rescue and Impacts on Task Performance
Important article about a project to research the “Thermal Impacts of Flood Rescue and Impacts on Task Performance” by Portsmouth University in which we have assisted; in Emergency Services Times... click here for more


The above articles appear with the kind permission of the magazines and publications concerned including: IFE Journal (now Fire Risk Management), Fire, Crisis Response, International Fire Protection, Fire and Rescue and Broden Media.