Heading for the Perfect Storm DVD cover

In Country (USA) Emergency Services

Power Boat Operations in Swift Water

Helio- Aquatic Rescue Techniques

Swift Water Rescue

Heading for the Perfect Storm DVD

As storm waters rise; this action packed short film charts the experiences of a Team of UK fire officers led by the then Chief Fire Officer Paul Hayden of Hereford & Worcestershire Fire & Rescue Service, UK  and their preparations in the North Carolinas and Federally, USA - focussing on the:

  • Helicopter Aquatic (Helio- Aquatic) Rescue Techniques
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Power Boat Operations in Swift Water
  • Special Operations by in Country (USA) Emergency Services
  • Equipment for Swift Water Deployments

Vital Strategic and Logistics life safety questions are asked as the Team search for the vital answers to these questions; as they research what climate change has in store: floods, hurricanes, severe storms.

Are the Tactics correct - will Dynamic Risk Assessment and ‘swiftwater rescue’ techniques work – they are the basis for floodwater rescue tactics - are flood and water rescuers trained sufficiently to face these tremendous risks to life in very hazardous conditions?

Follow, as they share their expertise and experiences with the Charlotte Fire Department, North Carolina Army National Guard and North Carolina Emergency Management Department (EMDS), USA. See the outstanding leadership given by Deputy Chief Jeff Dulin, Battalion Chief Tim Rogers, and their colleague Mr. Jeff Cardwell. They have learnt the hard way, hammered in the ‘Hurricane Season’ of the Carolinas – where drowning and devastation occur on an all too regular basis.

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